A Worldwide Church Family - Fairfield Seventh-day Adventist Church

Community and support

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a worldwide Protestant church with approximately 21 million members. More than one million of us live in North America. We are known for promoting Sabbath rest, healthy living, and compassionate giving. Our hospitals circle the globe as do our schools. Adventist Development and Relief teams are onsite at disasters in over 130 nations.

Group prayers

We dedicate time every week to pray for those close to us, as well as for those who are out of our reach. You too can extend a prayer to someone dear to you.

Prayer request

You can make a prayer request for any of our group prayer sessions. These can be made anonymously if you so wish.

To believe is brave, so have faith

We regret to inform you that our physical church has closed its doors. Death and migration have reduced our numbers. We continue to meet as an online community each Wednesday and Saturday. You are welcome to join us if you are an isolated Christian seeking a supportive community.